IoTCrawler is a search engine for Internet of Things devices, making real-world data accessible and actionable in a secure and privacy-concerned manner. IoTCrawler is a three-year long research project focusing on developing a “Google” for Internet of Things (IoT) devices. It aims at a paradigm change on both how IoT application can access IoT resources and on how IoT resources can make themselves discoverable.

If you have an IoT deployment we can make it securely available to the Internet Community. If you have a Smart City / IoT platform we can integrate it too. We will be the reference point for the discovery of IoT devices and any other source of information.

Big Data is regarded as one of the key assets of future development. Big data from IoT will constitute the next wave with estimated 50 billion of devices generating 1.6 Zettabytes of data per year by 2020. This provides new business opportunities, and society impact factors e.g. citizen democracy opportunities by open data, in areas such as Smart Cities, Social IoT, Health Care, Smart Energy and Industry 4.0. However, today data and service discovery, search, and access methods and solutions for IoT are in their infancy, like web search in its early days. IoT search is different from Web search how. Current methods are more suited for fewer (hundreds to millions) and static or stored data and services resources. Currently, there is no adaptable and dynamic solution for effective integration of distributed IoT data and support of data re-use in compliance with security and privacy needs, thereby enabling a true digital single market. A large part of the developers’ time is spent on integration. The heterogeneity, multimodality, scale, distribution, uncertainty and incompleteness of often continuous IoT data streams, and the dynamics of IoT environments demand for novel solutions that are practical for large-scale dynamic IoT applications